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The Most Useful Items For Your Own Winter Survival Food Kit

When it comes to keeping the family safe at the coldest time of year, you may be interested in learning how to make a winter survival food kit. Everyone knows the benefits of being outdoors and the way in which nature can reduce stress or even improve the quality of a person sleep but at the same time, what does any of this matter if we don’t have sufficient food when it matters the most?

While we hate nothing more than fear-mongering, as a family, we also understand the importance of education and nowhere is this more so than in the outdoors. For example, taking a road trip into a winter wonderland is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways to take an adventure, but without the right food on board, even a temporary breakdown can turn into an awful nightmare.

Choosing items for a Winter Survival Food Kit

Considering the mobile nature of the outdoors or adventure in general, it is often the most compact items which make it onto a winter survival foot kit. From soup packets and tea bags to oatmeal and granola; there are many food items which are certainly worth consideration.

However, what we sometimes forget is that a winter survival foot kit should contain very specific items and when you consider the importance of the amount of substance and calorie intake in this food, there are particular items which we can certainly recommend you take into consideration.

With this in mind, here are some of the most useful items we recommend for a winter survival food kit:

6 Most useful items to include in a Winter Survival Food Kit

  1. Coffee and Electrolytes

As already mentioned, soup and teabags are extremely light items for a winter survival food kit. However, neither of these will contain the same amount of caffeine and energy as coffee or sachets of electrolytes. In fact, even without an emergency or survival situation, these two items are very useful to have around. Coffee is an excellent stimulant, especially when taken on a cold winter’s morning, while electrolytes are excellent for giving the immunes system a boost when needed.

  1. Mountain House Meals

Dried food is always a smart move, and once you open these with your foldable fork spoon knife, all you need is some water for a delicious meal. Designed especially with long-distance hikers in mind, these convenient meals are both compact and high in calories. That being said, we just think they are too tasty not to include in a winter survival food kit.

  1. Trail Mix

While many of the best survival food is pre-packaged or placed in a tin, the most rewarding snack you can enjoy on the move has got to be trail mix. Having visited the nearest convenient store, you can place all the most important food groups in the same bag including raisins, nuts, fruit and even candy. As you might expect, this one tastes just as good as it sounds but it also lasts a long time and produces a huge amount of energy.

  1. Protein Bars

While trail mix takes a little effort to put together, protein bars require absolutely none. Containing more than four hundred calories, these are also an incredibly powerful source of energy while the variety of flavors always make this a favorite for the kids. Furthermore, most protein bars are resistant to heat which means they can be stored for quite a long time and even kept in an emergency first aid kit until needed.

  1. Jar of Peanut butter

Did you know that long distance thru-hikers often carry peanut butter and eat it straight out of the jar? It’s true; many thru-hikers claim they are so tired from trekking all day that they prefer to eat straight out of the jar and gain as many calories as fast as possible. Obviously, you might like to take crackers, jelly, bread or something else with which to enjoy this one but either way, it is an excellent addition to a winter survival food kit.

  1. Almonds

For the same reason as peanut butter above, almonds are an easy snack to have on the go. At the same time, these particular nuts are made from dried fruit, and their sweetness is accompanied by a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin E. Need we say more? Compare to most nuts out there; almonds consist of the highest concentration of nutrients. Furthermore, these little dotes are said to hold medicinal qualities and given the reputation of nuts as a whole; we find this a very healthy inclusion for any winter survival food kit.

Whether you opt for beef jerky, tortilla, cheese or meats; the most important thing about a winter survival food kit is sufficient in every way. With that said, please know that this is obviously not an exhaustive list of what you need to take as a means of survival but rather a recommendation for some of the best foods a family can include on their winter survival food list.

From one adventurous family to another, have fun and above all, stay safe this winter!

what we sometimes forget is that a winter survival foot kit should contain very specific items and when you consider the importance of the amount of substance and calorie intake in this food. These are the 6 items your should pack in your DIY winter survival kit. #yourpreparedfamily #survivalkit #emergencyprepardness

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