The Best Camping Games for Families

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One of the best things about camping is the opportunity to spend more time with family, particularly with your kids. I enjoy playing with my children at home, but there is something extraordinary about breaking away from your usual environment for a little while and take your little ones out for an adventure.

Are you looking for some fun game ideas? You can have a great time without many gadgets!

Kubb: this unique game is incredibly popular in northern Europe, particularly in Sweden, where families and friends love to play it outdoors.

The game consists of a set of sticks, which need to be knocked over by players by throwing a special wooden baton at them…think of it as a camping version of bowling!

It is possible to find actual Kubb sets out there, but you can even play the game using branches and sticks, just like people used to do back in the Viking Age! Yep, it’s a pretty old game!

Bucket Brigade: this game is an absolute classic, and it might get a little messy, but it’s all worth it. You are going to need three buckets (or any container that can hold water), as well as a few plastic cups. Every team will have a bucket full of water, and there will be an empty one in the middle of the playing field. Each side will have to transport water to the main bucket, only using cups! Empty the bucket before the other team to win, but don’t drop your cup, or you will get a refill!

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